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Embroidered logo tablecloths for corporations and small businesses
Embroidered hanging banners and tablecoths for nonprofit organizations, groups, clubs and associations
Embroidered table skirts and wall banners for the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an embroidered tablecloth?

Our standard production time for custom orders is three weeks. This allows time to order the fabric if we do not have it in stock, create the design, schedule machine time, and do the final hemming and clean up required.

What is express service?

Express service is our answer for schools and small companies that need a simple design in a fast time frame. Express orders are limited to fabric we have in-house, and the use of stock fonts, design templates and logos. We can deliver express orders to your doorstep in fourteen days.

Can you do rush service for custom orders?

We want you to have your embroidered tablecloth in time for your event. We will take rush orders when our schedule and logistics allow it. We will ask what date you need the item in your hands, and based on that we will give you a price accounting for the extra time, trouble and shipping costs involved. In general, we charge a ten to twenty percent premium for rush orders, plus Second Day AM FEDEX shipping costs. When we have the production time available and fabric in stock, we can typically deliver rush orders to your doorstep in seven to ten days - but please get a quote from us before depending on this timeframe.

Why embroidery? Why not screen printing or vinyl?

If you had a choice, would you wear an embroidered shirt or a screen printed shirt? We feel the same way. Embroidery is three dimensional. Light reflects on the thread and creates an effect that screen printing can only simulate. Screen printers charge extra for each color. In the embroidery world, extra colors are part of the beauty of the design. A colorful embroidered tablecloth will be about the same price as a multicolor screen printed design, but much more beautiful. It is washable and will not crack over time. And vinyl is just plain icky.

How large can you make the design?

Embroidery machines are not designed to create tablecloth sized logos. We modified our hardware and software to handle the extra large designs required for tablecloths and banners. We have been dedicated exclusively to creating large designs since 2000. The typical tablecloth design is 36" to 60" wide and 8" to 20" high. Exact sizes depend on the proportions of your artwork and your budget.

Some very large designs can be prohibitively expensive in full embroidery. Others lend themselves to embroidery. The best way to find out is to send us your artwork and tell us how large you would like to see your design. We have created banners as large as 12' wide x 8' high, 10' wide x 12' high, and 17' wide x 3' high.

How much does an embroidered tablecloth or banner cost?

Prices depend on the size and complexity of the design, the size and style of the fabric, and the quantity ordered. Since every design is unique, it is impossible to give exact prices without knowing these details. Our express orders range from $250 to $375, and our custom orders range from $350 to $600 (average price is around $400). We have created exotic tablecloths with multiple designs, custom sizes and shapes for as much as $1,500. Banners start at $400 and can go as high as your budget allows, depending on size and complexity of the project.

Can you use the file created by our shirt embroiderer for a tablecloth?

Unfortunately, no. When we create your design for a tablecloth, we need to have a lot more detail than what was included for your shirts.

Which fabric is best?

Depends on your application. We offer nylon (similar to backpack fabric) with a waterproof backing for heavy uses, outdoor events, and venues where severe service is expected. Our polyester fabric has a more professional look to it. It is the same fabric you will find at hotel receptions, trade shows and restaurants. It is available in both a heavy and light weight fabric.

How durable is the fabric?

Our nylon fabric is the most durable. We have many customers ordering a replacement tablecloth after ten years of service – not because the tablecloth is worn out, but because the customer has changed their logo! Our heavyweight polyester will be the next most durable fabric. It is 50% heavier than our lightweight polyester.

What is gathering?

Gathering is the tendency of fabric to wrinkle as a result of upsetting the original fabric weave. When you add a great number of stitches to a fabric that is already in balance, the fabric will tend to pull in, or gather. We reduce the tendency for gathering by special preparation of our designs, application of extra non-woven fabric backings, and our proprietary hooping techniques.

How do you clean the fabric?

All of our fabric can be washed in a large, front loading wash machine on the delicate cycle, or it can be dry cleaned. Dry on a delicate cycle or hang to dry. Spot removers can be used for stains. Our favorite spot cleaner is Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, available through Amazon.com.

Do you ship outside the US?

We can ship anywhere.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We do not generally accept purchase orders for one time purchases, due to the tremendous amount of accounting time required to set up an account and track the payment. Large organizations with continuing need for embroidered tablecloths can apply for an account after their first purchase. We do charge a 6% premium for sales by purchase order due to the extra time and effort required.

Can you send us an embroidered tablecloth to look at before we decide to purchase?

Unfortunately, no. We will send you fabric swatches and lengths of thread for you to compare colors. Once your order is placed, we will send you (on request) a representative sample of your embroidered design for your review. Keep in mind that this process will add at least ten days to the production time.

Do you give discounts to promotional companies?

We offer a quantity discount based on the number of items ordered at one time, no matter who the customer is. Order four or more items at one time for a 10% discount; 24 or more pieces at one time for a 15% discount. Our setup charge is one time only. Future orders of the same design have no setup charge.

What is your product warranty?

We will email you a sample layout when you inquire about our products. If you would like, we will mail you fabric swatches and thread samples for your approval. We guarantee that the fabric and design will be created in a workman like manner, and that the design will substantially match the artwork provided. Keep in mind that in going from print to embroidery, we need to use some artistic skills to interpet your design. If you feel that you may not be satisfied because of the complexity of your design, let us know when you place your order. We can send you an embroidered sample that shows how we plan to embroider the final design. Keep in mind that this will add to the time frame of your project. In the rare event that you are not satisfied when you receive your item, call us. We will work with you to repair, replace or add to the design to make sure you love it.






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